The 10 most expensive properties for sale on the San Juan Islands right now


As news of Steve Miller’s $16.8 million-dollar listing in Friday Harbor has been making the rounds recently, it’s brought a renewed interest to the San Juan Islands. Perhaps what newcomers might find most intriguing is the realization that it’s not even the most expensive listing on the island right now. Nor is it the second most-expensive either. With that in mind, we thought it might be a good time to check in with the islands to see what’s at the top of the market these days. There’s a lot of places we’ve written about before, even going back a couple of years. You’ve got islands (Trump Island, which is not named for who you think it’s named for). You’ve got starchitects (George Suyama). You’ve got acreage (one property is 233 acres!). Check’m out.

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1 678 Primrose Lane ($19.98M)

Former Dole Food President & COO Michael Carter listed this house in August 2015 for $25M. The market’s good but not good enough to move this estate so it’s come down a bit in price. Dubbed Eagle’s Nest, Carter originally built a 1,000 square-foot guest house & carriage house on the property in 2002 while he waited for the manor home to be completed. Eleven years later, he moved in 19,676 square-foot mansion which includes five bedroom suites, one master with it’s own private laundry, theater room, wine cellar and guest apartment with its own kitchen and entrance.

678 Primrose Ln
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

2 Blakely Island House ($18.5M)

This 29-acre Blakely Island property might as well be it’s own piece of land, connected only by a private access road to the gated entry. On the other side of a thick, old-growth forest you’ll find a 7-BR/6.5-bath with manicured gardens, deep-moorage, boathouses and a view of, oddly-enough, Obstruction Island.

Blakely Island
Washington 98222

3 67 Roulac Lane ($16.8M)

Back in 2014, this 39-acre property hit the market for all of one day asking $20M. For some reason, it came down and stayed off the market until June 2015 when it re-emerged at $17.5M. After no bites, it went away in February. Now it’s back and the price is down a little bit more: $16.8M. It should be noted that the seller is Steve Miller, as in The Steve Miller Band. That makes this…The Joker House?

Roulac Ln
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

4 512 Catspaw Lane ($11.6M)

Meet Madroneagle. Designed by RMC Architects and built by Pearson Construction, the 8-BR, 6.25-bath residence at the center of this 43-acre estate is a true San Juan Islands getaway. Lots of rustic features thanks to plenty of reclaimed timber usage, you won’t forget how sprawling this place is but it does provide some balance instead of allowing the house to tip over into opulence. They’ve come down ever so slightly from the original $11.9M asking price.

512 Catspaw Ln
Eastsound, WA 98245

5 1 Trump Island, Decatur Island, WA , 98221

To answer your first question, no, Trump Island is not named for Donald Trump. The 29-acre island just off of Decatur Island in the San Juans is apparently named for some other Trump. However, if you’ve got $7.75M handy, you could just buy it and rename it after yourself (probably not, actually). The island, as well as the 7,029-square-foot 6-BR house on it recently hit the market. The house is so big it actually includes an entire children’s wing with boys, girls and nanny quarters, not to mention a sun room, theater, pool room, bar, wine cellar and butler’s pantry. Also situated on the property are a chicken coop, greenhouse, 1,200-square-foot caretaker’s cottage, helipad and deep-water dock to accommodate your friends who visit on yachts or seaplanes.

Decatur Island

6 451 Langdon Street ($6.2M)

Listed relatively-recently, this estate covers 27 acres and includes 2,000 feet of low bank waterfront. The main home was built to take advantage of water views. The living room features a commanding stone fireplace with distressed plank floor opening to a huge waterside deck ideal for entertaining. The property also comes with a guest cottage, picnic pavilion, garage, shop, & bunk room.

Langdon St
Eastsound, WA 98245

7 1961 Mitchell Bay Road ($5.85M)

It’s all about luxury and comfort here on San Juan Island’s western shore. The centerpiece of this 3.25-acre estate is the 5,400 sq. ft. Craftsman luxury home. Every room and every outdoor space is geared towards relaxation and entertaining. Not a bad place to look out across to Canada from.

1961 Mitchell Bay Rd
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

8 1649 Olga Road ($5.6M)

Dubbed Glenwood Springs, this is a restored four-bedroom farmhouse sitting on 233 acres near Moran State Park. Yes, 233 acres. Just some of the other features to this property include a log, on-site hydro-powered mill, salmon hatchery and a trout pond. You probably don’t ever have to leave the grounds.

1649 Olga Rd
Eastsound, WA 98245

9 1044 -592 Victorian Valley Drive ($4.96M)

Quite a bit going on here across 40 acres. You’ve got a andscape designed by Richard Haag. There’s an over 200-year-old New England barn reconstructed into a lodge with saloon and bunks. Don’t forget the picturesque 2001 Guest house perched above the lake. Oh and there’s also two cabins & a bath house beside the lake.

592 Victorian Valley Dr
Eastsound, WA 98245

10 2027 Neck Point Road ($4.75M)

A 2,994 sq. ft. contemporary home designed by George Suyama is already something to take notice of. Drop that home on over 35 acres on Shaw Island and you’ve got a unique property that almost sounds like a bargain at $4.75M. Almost, at least. The ultimate Pacific Northwest sanctuary, the property also includes 2,100 feet of waterfront, two private beaches, an 800 sq. ft. studio and a 3,000 sq. ft. shop. It originally listed for $5.9M.

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